Welcome to the tropical hideaway in Alanya!

World of tranquility, excitement and lush greenery is only 120 km away from Antalya - (20 km away from Alanya) waiting just for you!
This unique park offers a variety of activities not found anywhere else in Turkey or even in the whole of Europe.
Upon arrival guests are made welcome and are given a diving mask and a snorkel they are then taken to the tropical beach where loungers and sun shades are available so they can relax and plan how to take part in any or all of the activities available to them.
Soak up the sun on the cool tropical sandy beaches, enjoy the beauty of the world we offer ...
Activity options include; swimming at any time in the coral reef lagoon which is teeming with rare and colourful tropical marine fish. Walking at any time in the “manta” pool with the harmless and friendly stingrays. Use of the warm and safe children’s play pool and slides. Riding and relaxing on the lazy river ride. Lunch, taken at your convenience in the restaurant, is included in the admission price. In this park you have the unique opportunity to enter the world of sharks and discover the shark lagoon behind a net. Here you can study the sharks up close and take the pictures that prove that they  took part in this adrenalin charged experience. 

We are waiting to serve you an exclusive day , you will be tranquilled in our pool, thrilled in the sharks tank, fascinated in the tropical reef, explore the stringrays in ray pool and relax in tropical river ....

If you are going to Kusadasi please visit www.adaland.com

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