Frequently Asked Questions
1-What is Sealanya DOLPHINPARK?

Sealanya Dolphinpark is the widest sea mammal show center in Turkey. Also visitors can swim with the dolphins.

2-When and what time are the shows?

The dolphin and seal show is everyday. You can check the hours from our website.

3-How long does the show last? What is the program?

The show lasts about 45-50 minutes.

5-Is it possible to swim with the dolphins? How do I arrange this?

Yes you can swim with our dolphins. You need to reserve your place and pay for it. After the show in the order of the reservations you can swim with the dolphins

(Please note places are limited and early booking is recommended)

6-Can I have my photo taken with dolphins and seals?

Yes, you can have your photos taken by Sealanya photo team with extra payment.